Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Episode 008: Worst Delay Ever

Da herdy werdy claimer flip flip flip

Introduction: Concussed

Instruments of Destruction - N.R.G. (Transformers the Movie)

Random World Failure: Sanitizing Michael Jackson's Young Choir
-Penny vs. BMW, equal representation of races for Jackson, Sanitizer contains germs

Tank! - The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop)

Movies: Twittering Deadpool

-Ryan Reynolds has a problem, Eddie Murphy does not Riddle, GAMER!

Don't You Forget About Me - Tears for Fears

Games: I know it's a recession but ...
-L4D mod, Burnout: Revenge DLC, ODST price-tag, Prototype vs. inFAMOUS

We Roll (Initial D the Movie)

Sports: Norway is Back!

-Pens win a cup

Guest Segement: LRR Interview

Speed - Atari Teenage Riot (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)


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