Saturday, April 9, 2011

Episode 022: Short on Nothing

An Irish Disclaimer: Because we're running out of ideas

Introdcution: Offensive as always
Starting with French, Australians and maybe Asians

Song: For The Nights I Can't Forget - Hedley

Random World Failure: A New Low
Something about a pregnant Teen mom, trailer/mobile home, American flag

Song: Star Wars Gangsta Rap

Movie News: The Estimate
Sucker Punch versus No One

Song: Violent Pornography - System Of A Down

Game News: He Should Pay More Attention
ME2 DLC, More Duke Nukem "news"

Song: You Can Take The Money - Stars of Boulevard

Sports: Bones Jones
'Nuff Said.  Oh, and the Car Show

Song: O Fortuna Carmina Burana

Outro: 2G Twitter
StuCool joins the Twitterlution 

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