Sunday, May 31, 2009

Episode 006: Nerdtastic?

Yarr, this be Disclaimer yarrr!

Introduction: It's bad when you screw up your own name

Mad World - Gary Jules

Random World Failure: Gold plated EVERYthing
-Gold-plated Wii, Gold tooth, Hot for Teacher in the wrong way

Hikari (Simple and Clean) - Utada Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)

Movies: Pointless Runthrough
-Up, Toy Story 3, Deadpool spin-off

Song: Misery Business - Paramore (Riot)

Games: E3GM 2
-E3 2009, ME2, EGM ... Joker in England?

Song: Doom3 Theme - Tweaker (Doom 3)

Sports: Summer Hockey 7
-NHL Stanley Cup Finals, Fight Club 7 (by Coca-Cola)

Song: Advent: One-Winged Angel - Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

Outroduction: Kermit vs Disney

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