Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 4: 2G Overcompensating


Introduction to a Theme

Song: Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine (Battle of Los Angeles)

Random World Failure: It's always Florida (Sorry SoulBro)
-Guards, kids and stun guns.

Song: Ramble On - Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin II)

Movies: Ultimate Match - Thor vs. Nero
-Star Trek, Thor and Sarah Connor Chronicles follows Firefly. Thanks Fox.

Song: Dammit (live) - Blink 182 (The Mark, Tom and Travis Show)

Games: Beating the Dead Horse
-Take-Two on the offensive in court, NP brings us a sentence of news, EA backs Valve and fumbles.

Song: Open Your Eyes - Guano Apes (Proud Like A God)

Sports: The Who From Where?
-For a team we don't like, we sure talk about them a lot.

Song: Deer Dance - System of a Down (Toxicity)

Outroduction: Next Time on 2G Radio

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  1. I can tell the difference between you two ^^ and I don't live with either of you