Sunday, August 16, 2009

Episode 016: No English Allowed

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Very Cold Disclaimer

Introduction: Swearing good start!

How Can I Live (Espanol version) - Ill Nino (Confessions, 2003)

Random World Failure: Pointless Winehouse
-Amy Winehouse is secretly a Furry, Twitter is an 80/20 thing

Song: Again - YUI (FMA:B OP1, 2009)

Movies: XD Games, Sequels and Prequels
-Tony Jaa Directs, Death Race backstory and X-Games

Song: Zwitter - Rammstein (Mutter, 2001)

Games: Fast again ...
-Lost Planet 2, WiiFitYourMoneyIntoOurWallets, Halo and Kingdom Hearts

Song: Blast My Desire - m.o.v.e. (Initial D Fourth Stage, 200?)

Rambles: In Lieu of everything else

Song: Dota - Basshunter (LOL <(^^,)> ????)

Salad-tastic Outro!

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