Saturday, January 8, 2011

Episode 017: A Resurrection of Sorts

What the fuck is this, a Disclaimer?

Introduction: Same old?

Mecha Love by Hadouken!

Random World Failure: Junk in your Junk?
Seriously, padding your junk with underwear?

Song: I Don't Care by Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier

Movies: A Review of What One Host Hasn't Seen
Seriously, three movies in theaters? What the hell dude!

Song: Roll Away your Stone by Mumford and Sons

Games: Another cop-out Review
Alright, so maybe one of the hosts has more disposable income than the other

Song: 'Till I Collapse by Eminem

Sports: Gay Defence-men and Cranial Injuries
Oilers versus Can-fuck-heads and the savage fights that were UFC 125

Song: In This River by Black Label Society

Outroduction: What is there to say?

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