Monday, January 31, 2011

Episode 019: Edited for Radio

That's a Disclaima biatch!

Introduction-izzles: Yo pants!
Song: Set It Off - Kardinal Offishall feat. Clipse

Random Woild Failyahs! Medieval times dawg!
Firing yo weed outta catapults!

Song: Lady Venom - Swollen Members

Movies in da house: Sum DC for y'alls!
In case yo ass ain't heard about it!
Song: The Maritimes - Classified

Games all in up dis: Sequels means numbas!
And numbers dun suck.
Song: Oliver Square - Cadence Weapon

Sports:No respect anymo
And that just ain't coolios wit me

Song: B-Boy Stance - K-os

Outroduce yoselves eh?
And sum e-mails for ya earholes
Peep the sites!
E-mail: (Remove NOSPAM from address)

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Created, recorded and edited by: ZhanShi and StuCool

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