Sunday, January 23, 2011

Episode 018: Been Here Before

We're Disclaiming Old Ladies

Introduction: An Explanation

Man Overboard - Thornley (Tiny Pictures)

Random World Failure: Illegal Surprise
Lind Bird, Border Security, No nutritional value

Song: Black and Yellow (Chinese Remix) - Grandmaster Chu (Model Minority Report)

Movies: The Lack Thereof
The question is: are there any plans to see any movies?

Song: Man Overboard - Blink-182 (The Mark, Tom and Travis Show)

Games: The Forgotten
Better late than never, but I forgot where I put what I was going to talk about

Song: Small Town Dead - Bleeker Ridge (Small Town Dead)

Sports: A Special Guest Eh?
Right on! How's she goin' eh?

Song: Bug Eyes - Dredg (Catch Without Arms)

Outroduction: Real Men!
And some more forgetfulness.

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