Saturday, March 12, 2011

Episode 020: TItle fit for Covers

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Disclaimer The, Backwards is.

Introduction: Fan-Reactions
Song: Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Random World Failures: Solar Ray weapon
Gundam-centric weapon works!  In person!  And then failed.

Song: Soldiers of Sorrow - Andrew W.K.

Movie News: Stuperbowl Trailers ... oops
The 30-second trailer shorts that debuted in Chicago with grunty men

Song: Acid is for Nothing - 1200 Mics

Game News: Duke Nukem
Never thought I'd talk about his release, but here's his Balls of Steel edition recap

Song: Galactic Empire State of Mind - from CollegeHumor

Sports News: Catching Cookies
Very little on the front, just a lil'bit of UFC.

Song: Hurt - Johnny Cash

Outroduction: We just kept talking.  Forever.
And ever.  We actually forgot we were still recording.

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